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Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 松山文創園區

In 2012, the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was positioned as the “Creative Hub of Taipei”, with the objective to nurture creative talents and energy. The Park is not designed with a commercial focus, but rather, its mission is to kindle creativity and innovation and to be in synch with the interdisciplinary developmental trend observed in today’s industries. The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is not just a platform for showcasing creativity and innovation. It strives to be a hub for inspiring and nurturing the spirits of creativity, and with the four key strategies of “Creative Lab”, “Creative Co-Op”, “Creative School”, and “Creative Showcase”, the objective is for the Park to achieve the goal of becoming Taipei’s creative hub. With the mission in mind, the Park is assertively involved in the organization of various artistic, cultural, and creativity events, which also include presentations of design, visual, and cross-disciplinary events. The activities take shape in diverse formats, including film shootings, press conferences, extended or short-term exhibitions, award ceremonies, symposiums, seminars, fashion shows, and much more. The cultural heritage site of the Park is used in multifaceted lively ways, and with its unique ambiance enhanced, the location has gradually been transformed into a new destination for cultural and creative industry endeavors in Taipei and also a new creative stage with an international focus. The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park’s mission and duties involve continual efforts in facilitating exchanges between industries and to offer support for the development of aesthetical experiences, and also promotional and marketing endeavors, which are all aimed at creating the greatest benefits from the Park’s multiple functions. Furthermore, it will also continue to organize large-scale cultural and creative events and to actualize the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park’s vision to become Taipei’s creative showcase window. With the Park’s multifunctional spaces and its multifaceted operational approach, the intention is to transform the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park into an iconic indicator for everyday aestheticism and design cognition and for the location to truly become a comprehensive multifaceted creative center.

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Sep 2017

2017 Hand!Hand!Hand! Craft
2017 Hand!Hand!Hand! 手感體驗會

30 Sep Sat 11:00 - 1 Oct Sun 18:30

9/30(六)-10/1(日) 11:00-18:30松菸北向製菸工廠 以體驗製作為主的新形態市集! 平面手繪、立體手作、手製美食三大項,配上電子音樂 不限形式的創作體驗一次滿足 邀請大家一起來跟著創作者完成屬於自己的創作吧! ----------------------------活動資訊------------------------------------ 日期: 2017/09/30(六)– 2017/10/01(日) 時間: 早上11 : 00至下午6 : 30 地點: 11072台北市信義區光復南路133號<<臺北松山文創園區北向製菸工廠>> 票價: 均一價100元 售票方式:https://goo.gl/pqDXom 參展品牌|於粉絲專頁每日公布唷!!

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